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Down Quilt Camping And Its Benefits

Sleeping Systems For Camping

Are you going on an adventure soon? Are you indecisive about what sleeping system is right for you? First timers can find it tricky whether to choose down quilts or a sleeping bag for camping. But if you want to bring lighter stuff in your bag since you’ll get very tired carrying heavier ones, then a quilt might be your best choice.

Down quilts are great for someone who wants to keep warm while sleeping outside. This kind of sleeping system can also be lighter and cheaper than a sleeping bag that can offer you the same amount of warmth.

Benefits Of Down Quilts

Down is basically a quilt filling – resilient, fluffy and a good insulator. Here are some benefits of a down quilt that you must know.

-Down quilts are natural products.
-They provide warmth without much weight.
-Down clusters trap more body heat than synthetic fibers.
-Down quilts will mold themselves to your body which can be very light and incredibly warm.
-Down has the ability to breathe that is why it won’t get clammy unlike synthetics.
-Draws away the moisture from perspiration which will give you a comfortable sleep.

Quilt vs Sleeping bag

Quilts are lighter than sleeping bags because the insulation is on top of the sleeper instead of being placed underneath. The down material is also very light but won’t compromise its insulation feature. Quilts also take up less space and will give you more freedom of movement when using it. Compared to a sleeping bag that doesn’t have an attachment system, quilts are more favorable for side sleepers. You can attach quilts to an insulated sleeping pad or use them in a hammock.

Since you are going to sleep with your head outside instead of inside, there is less chance for moisture buildup caused by respiration. Also, if you toss and turn a lot while sleeping, you might end up face down in the hood when using your sleeping bag. Quilts are cheaper than sleeping bags there are no zippers and it requires less material which means a lower manufacturing cost and more affordable retail prices for you.

Making Your Own Lightweight Down Quilt For Camping

You can buy down quilts but you can also make one for yourself.

Preparing The Materials

First, gather the materials that you’ll need such as nylon, mesh, Down, scissors, masking tape, measuring tape, marker, paracord and cord lock, and your sewing machine. The measurement of your materials will depend on how big you want your quilt to be.

Layout Designing And Cutting

Drawing your layout beforehand will let you achieve the shape and the measurement of your quilt. After this, you can now spread the fabric on the floor, measure and mark everything properly and use masking tapes to mark your quilt’s outline. Make sure to mark the lines where you want to place your baffles. When you’re finished with marking you can now cut out your pattern.

The Second Piece And The Baffle Strips

Using the first pattern, you can now cut out the next piece and mark again the places for the baffles. The netting will be your baffle. After cutting it into strips, you can now sew it to the fabric.

Sewing The Seams

Pin the sides for the seams and start sewing each side but leaving one side open where you can stuff the down. Don’t forget to leave a space for your paracord to create a footbox.

Finishing Your Quilt

You can now start stuffing the down into the quilt. Once you are satisfied with its looks and it is completely stuffed, you can now pin and sew the remaining side of the quilt. You can add buckles and straps to buckle it around your camping bag.

Getting ready for your camping is important to avoid problems along the way. And getting a quilt that will keep you warm and sleeping soundly while camping can make everything easier for you. For this, choosing a down quilt is sure to make your camping nights more comfortable.

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