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Multi Tool RumbaDock Bonus Multi Tool

Have you observed the multi tool cards that you can┬ákeep in your wallet which have you prepared to cope with lots of different cases where you might wish you’d your tools? These stainless cards have a number of tools such as a knife, saw blade, screwdriver, wrench, bottle and also can opener, and so on. Best of all, you can place one of these in your purse and then forget about it until such time as a problem arises that you want a knife / screwdriver / wrench / saw, etc on hand. There are several variants with different tools incorporated, so check out the one which suits you best.
Listed Price: $17.00
Sale Price: $12.98

RumbaDock Camping Survival Credit Card Multitool This is the Best Ultimate Survival Multitool. 14 in 1 Outdoor and Wilderness Survival Tools in 1 pocket wallet sized multi-tool . It covers all essenti…Read more…

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