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Do You Need A Solar Power Pack For Your Gadgets?

Do you love gadgets? Some people say that if a new gadget peels an onion 56 different ways, we have to own it. Perhaps you don’t believe me? Ask yourself one question. When you go to a fair, how many gadgets do you end up bringing back? Be honest. There is no shame in it. In fact, no technology is mainstream until it includes gadgets. And that means solar energy has now become a mainstream technology.

Most of us have far too many gadgets already, especially those small personal gadgets we just cannot do without: -Cell phones, Ipods, Tablets, Wireless headphones, Bluetooth – how many have you got? BUT, and it is a big but, gadgets need power. AND, they always run down when you need them most.

Now, instead of looking for a power outlet for your converter, you can use a Solar power pack. This is especially useful if you are out in the wilds, far from any power outlets. Solar power packs are thin and light. When you are outside, you just unzip them, lay them in the sun and plug your power hungry gadget into them. The packs will put a charge into your gadget and you will be ready to go.

Finally, solar power on a personal level. A gadget that is here to stay.

Solar Powered Fans Will Be Your Camping Buddy

Planning on going on a camping trip this weekend? Are you ready to beat the summer’s heat? Camping and the summer season go hand in hand. It is the best season to go camping, but it also very challenging because of the heat. Excessive heat can turn your camping trip into a very uncomfortable and exhausting experience.

Low Tech Cool

Always make sure to set up a camp in a shaded area. If there is no available shaded area, you can just hang a tarp or large cloth above your tents. It is also important to dress according to the weather. You can wear a light colored clothing made from light breathable materials. Also remember to apply a sunscreen with adequate SPF at all times.

Bring a lot of water during your camping trip. The activities you might be doing during the trip can trigger dehydration.

Solar Power

Camping in hot weather can be very tiring. There are also limited resources when you are out on a camping trip. One of them can be electricity. The intense heat may make you uncomfortable during the whole trip.

You do not need to worry. There is now an invention that can make you feel better during your camping trip. A solar powered fan will be your new camping buddy.

A solar fan is basically a fan that is powered by solar panels. These panels can be either installed separately, or mounted on the fan. You do not have to worry because these solar fans are environmentally friendly and do not require any secondary energy sources other than solar power. They are portable and are very easy to use. Because they are powered by a natural energy source, sunlight, this kind of technology can help people save a lot of time and money, as well as use what is making you uncomfortable (strong sunlight) to cool you down!

Using solar powered devices may also help slow down or stop global warming. After years of research, the development of these kinds of system can create produce electricity without producing global warming pollution that is created by the use of fossil fuels.

It has been said that this technology can save money. Getting a device that is powered by sunlight might seem expensive, but it will definitely save you a lot of money. Remember, the energy stored in this battery will also be available to you if your power source goes out, for instance in a power cut.

Portable fans are powered by solar energy – heat and radiant light from the sun – captured using such different technologies as solar thermal energy, solar heating, solar architecture, photovoltaics, artificial photosynthesis and molten salt power plants. Solar energy is renewable energy and is now an important source of energy.  It is clean energy because it is coming directly from the sun.

The energy used to run your solar powered fans is totally free of charge. It does not contribute to the pollution emitted by other electronic devices.

What are you waiting for? You can now go on a camping trip without having to worry about the intense heat. Enjoy using these portable fans and beat the summer heat.

Top 5 Camping Gadgets

photo-1477512076069-d31eb021716fCamping out can be so much more pleasant and safer if you have gadgets that can help. Once you have the necessities for camping, it’s perfectly fine to begin upgrading your kit with items that make life more convenient or that contribute to your safety and need for food, water and shelter.  While there are many modern gadgets available there are five that no one should be without unless you want to want to live on the edge.

How long does your cell phone battery last without charging? Most phones these days have so many applications working on them that they need to be charged every 24 hours. If you are not on a campsite, that can be difficult to arrange. A solar powered charger for your cell phone and your radio will help ensure that you can call for help, or check on changing weather conditions if you need to. There are 3-in-1 gadgets available that mean you can charge your cell phone, have a radio and a flashlight all contained one easy to carry gadget.photo-1477544437652-fdfbf813e056-1

Collecting wood for a fire can take time and if it’s wet, it can be hard to light. You also need a lot of wood for cooking. Portable solar cookers are great gadgets to have. They set up anywhere and provide a method for you to cook on instantly. It means you can also boil water for safe drinking supplies. At extra bonus is that you can use this at home too when the power’s gone out. Of course, you have to be camping (or living) in an area with sufficient light to recharge the solar battery!

Another way of purifying your water without having to boil it or use pills is to use a UV water purification wand. These tools look like wands and purify your water in just under a minute.

If you are camping away from a camping site, then a flint and knife bracelet is the perfect pairing, if you want to build your own fire and not lug solar chargers with you. It’s a little corded bracelet that fits around your wrist and gives you immediate access to a fire starter and a sharp knife right away.

A tent hammock is another gadget can improve your comfort levels. Not only do you get protection from outside intruders like mosquitoes, but you’re lifted off the ground to protect you from water or land animals.

There are so many gadgets that can be used to make camping more comfortable, if you have the space to carry them. There are containers that create power from any form of liquid, clothes that repel bugs just based on the materials they’re made from, and solar backpacks that have a solar panel soaking up the sun while you trek around so that you can use the energy it absorbs later – these can also be used when commuting for power on the go.

Once all of your basic needs are met you could look at cool gadgets that can make your camping experience more comfortable.


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