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All Season Solar Cooker Trivet

A solar cooker not only allows you to start cooking food when you need, rather than having to collect wood first, it can also be used to purify drinking water, by boiling it, if necessary.
Listed Price: $149.00
Sale Price: $99.99

The All Season Solar Cooker is a hybrid panel/box cooker. It has the unique ability to fully and perfectly capture all available sunlight from sunup to sundown. This means that the user can cook any t… Read more…

Texsport Trailblazer Black Ice 5 pc Hard Anodized Camping Cookware Outdoor Cook Set with Storage Bag

Black Ice┬┐ Hard Anodized Cookware Hard anodization process alters and hardens structure of Cookware surface making it abrasion resistant Twice as hard as stainless steel Combines the best attributes …


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Solar Cooking for Home & Camp: How to Make and Use a Solar Cooker

Quickly toss together the ingredients for Cashew Curry, place it in the solar cooker, point the cooker to the midday sun, and head to work. You’ll come home to a ready-to-eat hot meal. Solar cooking i…


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An Outdoor Kitchen Full of Sunshine

An Outdoor Kitchen Full of Sunshine – Cooking Outside in a Solar Oven. Saving money is the key to a large family. No one know better than author, Kris Mazy, mom of 7 amazing children. In this book,…


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