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Should You Rent Camping Gear For Your Next Outing?

Camping is more than just a pastime for many families, it is a way of life. It gives them the opportunity to enjoy a vacation that includes the great outdoors, some adventure and plenty of opportunity to relax.

CampingĀ Gear

Many of those who consider themselves to be serious campers own their own equipment. It may come as a surprise to you that they also rent camping gear from time to time. Is it something you should consider for your next outing?

There are a number of reasons why you might consider renting your gear rather than buying it. At times, you might even find that it is the best choice, even though you already own some of the equipment you will be renting. We’ll take a look at some of the most common reasons why people rent gear, along with examining both the good and the bad.

Local Camping

When you head off for a weekend on the trail or at a campground, it is likely that you are going to be packing in to a local spot. If that is the case, you are probably just going to go ahead and use your own gear.

Distant Adventure

What if you were to head off to a distant area for an adventure? This might be one of the reasons why renting camping gear comes in handy.

The airlines have gotten strict on what you are able to bring on a plane. They also have restrictions on how much you can pack and will charge extra if you go over the limit. It might be a cost-effective choice to rent the equipment rather than ship it. That isn’t even to mention you are saving yourself a lot of hassle.

Try Before You Buy

Another reason why renting may be a good option is if you want to check out something before you buy it for yourself. For example, you might have your eye on an expensive backpack, but what it is going to be like on the trail? Renting the pack and using it will give you the first hand experience needed to make a wise buying decision.

Finally, you might just be out for a trip and are not going to camp on a regular basis. It is far less expensive to rent the equipment for a one time use than to buy it and have it sitting around your home collecting dust.

Renting camping equipment is ideal for those who are traveling to a vacation destination or for anyone with limited space. The only real con is the price, which is not always going to work against you.

Camping can take on many different forms but they all have one thing in common; the ability to take you away from it all. Taking the time to get out there is a priority for many people and, regardless of whether they own or rent their equipment, they take the time for themselves and their families. It is a part of their lifestyle they wouldn’t quickly put aside.

Getting Ready for a Canoe Camping Trip


There are many things we could do with our time but camping is one that many of us appreciate. It gives you the opportunity to get outside and enjoy all that nature has to offer. Camping also is a great way to strengthen the bonds of the family, which is why so many people consider it to be the ideal vacation.

Of course, there are many different types of camping, and you likely have a favorite. For some people, it might be a matter of heading off in a camper or tent and for others, it could be sleeping out under the stars while hiking. If you haven’t tried a canoe camping trip, however, you are really missing out on one of life’s great adventures.

Canoe Camping

Packing your way into the wilderness in a canoe is a lot different than camping in an RV at your local campground. It really puts you in touch with nature and within just a few minutes after leaving shore for the first time, you realize that you have the opportunity to truly be away from it all. When you prepare for the trip, it can make a difference in your enjoyment. Here are some things to keep in mind.

Planning Your Trip

Perhaps one of the most important parts of preparing for a canoe camping trip is preparing for it in the first place. This would include choosing your route and destination. For some people, a quick trip is necessary, so they might want to consider a trip that is easily accessible. You should also consider the length of the trip and the surrounding terrain.

Preparing for Go

One of the great things about taking a camping trip on a canoe is that you are going to be carrying everything you need with you. It isn’t like loading the car for a weekend away, you have limited space so you need to consider everything you pack carefully. Download a list of things to pack from the Internet to get started. Once you are used to packing for a canoe trip, it becomes second nature.

Check the Regulations

There are few areas where you can simply put your canoe in the water and camp overnight without any thought of following the rules. Many parks and other wilderness areas are going to require a price for entry and for everyone in your group. There may also be permits and seasons that need to be considered.


One of the great things about camping is the food. Make sure you pack the appropriate food with you for while you are on the water and at camp. The longer the trip, the more thought needs to go into it.

Get Started!

After getting these things together, you are ready to get started on your adventure. Spending time out on the canoe and going in to camp at an area that is only accessible by water is an amazing experience. Take the time to do it this year and it will be a trip you won’t forget.

Scotland for Camping


Scotland is a beautiful wild place for camping. It can be dangerous, as can any other wild area with rugged countryside, winter snow and high cliffs, yet it is beautiful.

It has many mystical castles, full of history and bloodshed and many lakes, streams and boggy area, from the rain. But it can also be warm and sunny. You never know what the weather will be like so plan for everything!

Scotland is a great place for camping and hiking with many climbers aiming to bag as many of the “Munroes” as possible in any one season.

There are many isolated cottages and Bothies, resting places available for anyone hiking in the hills. Don’t be complacent. They may not be the Rockies but people have died in the Scottish hills, from falls and even avalanches.

Highland cattle are hardy and stay out all winter, no warm barn for them!
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Scotland is famous for its islands which are well known in history, including the Hebrides for which the Hebridean overture music was written. You may have heard of the Isle of Skye, and perhaps even the old Scottish folk song “Over The Sea to Skye”.

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